Fun Facts About Casinos

Fun Facts About Casinos

When players who love to take risks in a game of chance were left stranded in the pandemic. They would feel a great pang of grief in their hearts whenever they saw a deck of cards. It was the time when online casinos came to their rescue.

However, people believing in traditional things often find it hard to understand that online casinos are absolutely safe and anonymous. Some of them fear legality. This is why conventional brick and mortar casinos started their virtual casinos where people could take part in online mode.

Here we have collated some fun facts about casinos that most of the players do not know.

Slot machines

Slot machines aka fruit machines

Earlier slot machines were not exclusively played for gambling. They used to give chewing gums as a reward. The symbols showed different kinds of fruity flavours such as melon, strawberry, apple, oranges, cherries, etc.

Russian Roulette is called ‘The Devil’s Game

The addition of all the numbers in the roulette wheel adds up to give 666 which is attributed to the devil in many mythologies. But it doesn’t seem to cast any negative shadow. Rather people win large amounts of money in it.

Microgaming casino

Leading online video games developing and publishing company launched the world’s first online casino in 1994. However, slot games were available since 1895 and it took 100 more years to launch casinos online. Microgaming is having its headquarter on the Isle of Man and the software was developed by Cryptologic.

Have you ever played the one-armed bandit?

If you are thinking that what is this new game, it is just slots. They were called one-arm bandits in 1895 because slot machines were operated by a handle or an arm. Online and contemporary slots can be played by touching the spin button or by selecting the autoplay mode button.


Casinos maintain anonymity

If you are thinking that people will find out about the low number of chips that you have, don’t worry. Online casinos maintain anonymity and other players cannot know that you have chips of lesser denominations or value. However, traditional casinos play with physical chips where the colour and size of chips determines their value for all to see.

The sandwich was made over a game of cards

There is a myth that goes that the sandwich was invented by the Earl of Sandwich. The Earl also known as Lord Montague was known for his habit of playing cards for many hours. When he would get hungry, he would direct the chef to take a piece of roasted beef and put it inside two loaves of toasted bread. Thus, the delicacy that we all love today was born. Here, hunger is the mother of all inventions.

Fun Facts About Casinos

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