How Not Lose Money In A Casino?

How Not Lose Money In A Casino?

There is not a foolproof way of winning in gambling. It all depends on your strategy and the blessing of lady luck. But gambling can make your coffers go dry and that too within minutes. So, controlling and managing the flow of money is a hard, but much needed virtue in gamblers. You can only win when you can play, you can only play when you have money.

Managing money is a very vague and watershed term. The most important thing while gambling should be to be aware of the choices we make while we are still high on the adrenaline rush of cards shuffling and dice rolling. So, the key to not going broke in a casino is knowing when to quit. You may get lucky without much effort and win, but it will not happen always. Fortune only favours who respect and prepare for its bounty.

Managing money

As a gambler, you must know your limits. Taking risks just to satisfy your ego or obsession and later getting hounded by the loss is not worth it. You must know when to stop. So, when the pot is getting bigger and bigger and your cash pile gets smaller and smaller with each game, it’s time to call the night and try your luck some other day.

There are some ways to do that: –

Give pocket money to yourself

As grown-up person we all have responsibilities. It is not good to burn money without deriving anything from that. If you are not able to keep track of your winnings or losings in a month, start by allowing pocket money just for playing at the casino every month. If you lose that money, you do not extra until next month.

Maintain a separate account

It is hard to keep track of all the expenses. When you have decided to make yourself comfortable with the idea of allowing a certain sum of money as an entertainment allowance, it’s time to keep track of that. You may open a separate account for using the allowance at casinos.

Sit at the table that you can afford

Do not sit at any high-stake table game. High-end resorts and casinos host celebrities and business tycoons who have enough money to burn. It is not advisable to take part in a table game where bets are placed in thousands. You can also choose the game with a high winning probability like European roulette is more favourable for players than American roulette.

Know when to stop

Gambling is all about swimming and losing. You must set an achievable bar or limit on your winnings. If you reach it, call off the night and stop playing. Your greed may turn your fortune into fate. The same goes for losing. You should keep a cap on losing streaks too. For instance, if you lose 5 games in a row, you must stop to try your luck some other day.

How Not Lose Money In A Casino?

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